Coek Engineering has built a global reputation for the fabrication of machined horizontal reactors with agitators for Polypropylene plants. Since 1994, Coek has supplied all the horizontal reactors including the agitators and mechanical seals for plants worldwide using  Ineos’ technology. The sole reason for this unique situation is our unsurpassed approach and quality for these demanding reactors.

For this application Coek Engineering not only produces the reactors and agitators, but also supplies the entire  reactor section, including instrumentation, nuclear level instruments, valves, monitoring systems, and drive systems. Coek takes care of the supervision, and provides a full service until commissioning of the equipment  (See detailed reference list.).  Coek has delivered more than 50 reactors under Ineos license since 1994.

More recently Coek Engineering also started supplying similar reactors based on JPP’s technology.

Besides of undoubtedly being the most experienced vendor for machined horizontal reactors for Polypropylene plants, Coek Engineering is also on the approved vendor list for Novolen’s Polypropylene technology.  Also this technology places a high demand on the fabrication tolerances, where the acquired know-how of Coek Engineering guarantees a top notch end product.