Coek Engineering has a very solid reputation in the fabrication of shell and tube heat exchangers. Our main focus is on exotic materials like titanium, Zirconium and Hastelloy, but also duplex and High alloy steels are no exception.

Given the extensive use of titanium in PTA-plants, we have fabricated very large titanium-clad condensers for  many PTA-plants built with Invista-technology in Europe, India and China.

Coek Engineering is also a market leader in the fabrication of high pressure  preheaters for PTA, where Coek has delivered about 80 % of all the preheaters for PTA plants worldwide since the 90’s.  Most of these preheaters have heavy wall heat exchanger tubes in either Super Duplex or Titanium (Gr9, Gr3, Gr12).  We build preheaters for every commonly used technology or license, e.g. Invista, bp, Mitsubishi, Formosa Plastics, CTCEC, ….

A detailed overview is given in the heat exchanger reference list.

Reference can also be made to the Zirconium and Hastelloy heat exchangers Coek has fabricated for several acetic acid projects . .