In 2001 Coek was involved for the first time in the fabrication of Titanium clad autoclaves for Nickel and Cobalt extraction(HPAL leaching). These heavy wall autoclaves with Titanium cladding of 8 to 10 mm are a challenge to build, and have been delivered with success for projects in New Caledonia and Madagascar. Total weight of these items typically varies between 600 and 800 tons. In order to cope with the severe process conditions, Coek has undertaken substantial efforts in redesigning and improving the conventional technique to restore the titanium cladding at junctions.  We have also improved the design of the compartment walls.  Our goal is always to optimize the reliability of the equipment in the field.


In 2017 Coek Engineering received a PO to produce the biggest and heaviest autoclave in titanium-clad built to date.  This autoclave will weigh very close to 1000 tons and will go into service in 2021.