Coek has an impressive reference list on Reactors. Since the 90’s Coek has  become one of the leading companies for the fabrication of clad reactors. Diameters have steadily been increased from 7 meters in the 90’s to 9 meters and above in the last few years. Our main focus is on the fabrication of PTA (Purified Terephtalic Acid) oxidation reactors where Coek has produced more than 35 Oxidation reactors in Titanium clad. (For details see our reference list for Oxidation reactors).

Beside of PTA, Coek has built up a reputation in the fabrication of Acetic Acid reactors.  We’ve built both zirconium-clad equipment as well as hastelloy- or C2000-clad equipment for customers all over the world.

Coek  is further on focusing on special applications like Polymerisation reactors used for Butyl plants under license of Arlanxeo and Conser, Oxychlorination reactors which were built under license of Uhde, and Styrene reactors  for Dow.

Also for Oxo reactors licensed by Johnson Matthey Davy Technology Coek is listed as a preferred and approved vendor.

Focus is mainly on high complexity and heavy wall  applications allowing Coek Engineering to use its dedicated infrastructure in an optimal way. In this perspective, we were also involved in the fabrication of heavy wall Cr-Mo steel reactors for Ammonia applications.