> 40.000.000 €

 > 35.000 M²

 UP TO 1.000 TON

Ø UP TO 10 M



The whole world is Coek’s field of operations, but it was in Belgium that the Coek story got started in 1966. What makes it a success story is that today Coek has grown into one of the top international vendors for pressure vessels and heat exchangers for challenging projects. Coek has the required expertise in-house to design and fabricate equipment for the chemical, petrochemical and mining sector as well as for compressor manufacturers.

With a team of 120 people, two production sites and a total production surface area of over 100 000 square meters – of which 35000 square meters are shop floor – Coek is one of the larger companies in this sector.

The entire production process takes place under a single roof. Coek has a high-tech fleet of machinery and extensive expertise when it comes to heat exchangers, reactors, columns and autoclaves. It’s here at the Engineering Department that specialised engineers create designs for international customers. And here at Coek it’s the customer who always takes centre stage.

Coek is capable of making equipment up to 1,000 tons in weight, of over 100 meters in length, with wall thicknesses of up to 120 mm.

Covalim is the department within Coek that manufactures small  equipment for the compressor industry. On a just-in-time basis, Covalim supplies fully finished cast iron or robot-welded pressure vessels, tested every which way.